As one of Iranian’s leading suppliers of industrial Automation and Power electronic control systems, we are working for more reliability and comfort.  

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 Power electronic and Industrial automation since 1989   

Design, build, run and optimize your plant or mill with Reliable partner. Whether you are looking at a small business or upgrading your process control system, Sepahan Method Electronic (S.M.E) helps find the right projects that pay for themselves. Whether  you are in the design, build, run or optimize phase of your plant, S.M.E can help you determine the best investments with the most profitable return Using standard methodologies, we can help you define the scope of any project, whether it is an upgrade to your production line or an entire new plant or mill. Our engineers can design your plant or mill, or be there to advise or supplement your in-house staff. We look at your existing facility, and help you determine the best places to invest for maximum return. Our solutions can have a positive affect your entire operation, squeezing cost out of your operation and increasing profitability. These solutions can include (but are not limited to) the following components:   

 Steel Industries  

In this industry takes real time control to achieve zero defects and meet today’s stringent tolerance requirements. It also takes experience to develop state-of-the-art solutions which guarantee you the maximum flexibility in production control and operation.
Sepahan Method Electronic is one of the Iranian’s most experienced suppliers of electrical & automation systems for metal applications

Steel Making Plants
Mobarakeh Steel Complex is one of our clients that use our products in it’s steel making plant since 1981

 Hot Rolling Mills For Flat Products
Our successful experiences in SABA Steel Complex covers from initial stages of design activities till commissioning and performance guarantee tests in electrical and automation systems.

 Hot Rolling Mills For Long Products
Sepahan Method Electronic is the main supplier for revamping of the 650 rolling mill area in Esfahan Steel Complex .
Minimum stoppage time and using last technologies such as redundant PLC, Industrial networks and fully digital huge drives are most indicated features of this project.

 Cold Rolling Mills For Flat Products
Two Stands tandem cold mill and five stands tandem cold mill in Mobarakeh Steel Complex are our recent activities in this field.
Development and putting in services the technological process control tasks such as:
Hydraulic Gap Control , Work Roll Bending , Automatic Gauge control, Automatic Tension Control, Automatic Flatness Control with using Real Time Controllers are just some part of our activities in these two plants.

Process Lines
New Continuous pickling line and new corrective line in Mobarakeh Steel Complex are our last experiences in this field
Using special and high technology field instruments and sophisticated Human Machine Interface ( H.M.I ) are the main features for this plants that our specialists could arrive in maximum satisfaction and performance in short time.

Energy Industries 

S.M.E has long time experiences in power plants and Static VAR compensation plants. Our successful experiences in the past with highly customized engineering with advanced robust design ensure maximum performance high efficiency and long term reliability for wide range of applications.

in Hamedan Power Plant and 2 x 90 MVA S.V.C in Mobarakeh Steel Complex “90MVA S.V.C” in SABA Steel Complex are our recent successful experiences

Pulp and Paper Industries

Wherever robust designs and heavy duty performance in terms of torque are required Sepahan Method Electronic will always be an accepted supplier. The reliability of our solutions help guarantee maximum process availability. Our attention to Reliability and quality as well as our long experience as an industrial supplier make us the ideal partner both for new build and modernization projects. The flexibility of our solutions provide you with the possibility to chart your factory’s future growth strategy. Electrical / Automation erection supervision and commissioning in Harir Khozestan that is one of the biggest tissue producers in IRAN and (name) in deir Azur Syria are some of our experiences in this field .  


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